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What is T-NES?

T-NES increases the transport and exchange of oxygen in the circulatory system, improving sports performance.

Our technology allows you to train harder and better. You will feel less tired, you will have more lucidity during the session and the recovery will be faster. 

Do you think it's a placebo?

Measure it yourself!
All you need is a heart rate monitor, a lactic acid meter or a pulse oximeter.
Measure your stats on a course you know well, before and after using the T-NES.
You will notice a reduction in heart rate and lactate production.

Benefits of T-NES Power

T-NES is the only device capable of improving sports performance and recovery without side effects, without overloading the body and without introducing anything into your body.

  • More endurance under stress
  • Less feeling of tiredness
  • Faster recovery during and between sessions
  • Lower frequency for the same effort
  • Less DOMS (Post-Workout Muscle Soreness)

How does he achieve all this?

T-NES is a micronized silver patch treated with a patented technology. It is charged with ultra-weak electromagnetic signals that interact with the peripheral nervous system present throughout the skin. The signals it sends are directed to the red blood cells with the aim of optimizing electrical conduction and gas exchange.

Who is T-NES Power suitable for?

It is suitable for any type of cyclist who wants to push their limits, both in training and in competition. From the amateur to the professional, everyone can derive tangible and measurable benefits from our devices.