Are there side effects?

No harmful side effects. Ministerial contraindications: pregnancy, people allergic or hypersensitive to silver, people under chemotherapy / radiotherapy treatment (in this case the endorsement of the treating oncologist is required).

What about doping?

Not a drug or medical device. We have the toxicological analysis of the University of Milan. The device improves the state of health. There are no physiological (eg hematocrit) or physiopathological changes. Doping free.

What does the device affect?

It optimizes the transport of oxygen and hemoglobin saturation, it also supplies direct energy to the phosphate groups of the ADP to prevent deprotonation of lactic acid.

What does the device contain?

It contains an innovative material, micronized silver with a plasma vaporization and crystals, treated with patented technology; in contact with the electrical network of the human skin it bioactivates and emits an ultra-weak electromagnetic signal towards red blood cells in order to improve oxygenation.

How long does the effect of the device last?

One pack contains 8 devices, each lasts 48 – 50 hours on contact and when you remove it you have an additional 24 hours of coverage. So, one pack covers about a month.

Can it be used for swimming and for water sports?

Of course, it is water resistant, so you can go to the pool, the sea or in the shower in peace. Furthermore, it has no interference with water or soaps.

How much does a pack cost?

The cost of a pack is €64.90. You can pay by card or PayPal.

Once removed, can I reuse it?

Once removed, the device must be thrown away.

Can it be used in running?

Of course, a heart rate monitor is enough and you notice a reduction in heartbeat at the same intensity of effort.

Is it suitable for all sports?

T-NES Power is suitable for any sport that works on aerobic and endurance capacity, both team and individual.

Can it be useful in rehabilitation for muscle recovery?

Yes, just apply it on the area to be treated, in order to emphasize the signal on it.

Can anyone with cardiovascular problems use it?

Yes, there are no contraindications for cardiovascular problems.

How to use?

Just apply on healthy, clean and possibly cleansed skin (we recommend the buttock, placing it on the buttock also emphasizes the work on the lower limbs). It is applied 15 minutes before work-out. It works throughout the body.

Where can I find scientific publications?

You can download them from here -> Click here. You will find the scientific publication relating to tests on mice and triathletes.