T-NES, our story.

We believe that everyone has a hidden innate potential and the ability to reach the highest level.
We believe that this potential can be revealed by putting advanced technologies at the service of sport.


Founder & CEO

New Era Sport Technologies (T-NES) was born to study and manufacture high-tech scientific products able to increase oxygen transport in sport people. We want to increase performance and results without taking drugs or supplements, but only using a biophysical approach.  

T-NES is a success story as it has been able to complete the transition from the very first take-off to international growth, acceding to new markets and increasing its value, always keeping a deep commitment for research and innovation.

We are united by the belief that science must be applied to the well-being of people in a cleaner, healthier and freer world.


Our mission is to unlock the human limit of scientific knowledge and sports performance using physical signals and not chemicals, without overloading organs and improving health. We want to go further, with ethics, responsibility and safety.

We project ourselves to the future by applying a biophysical approach to research, with the intent of safeguarding human health, improving people’s well-being and sublimate the pleasure of sport.

Our team is made up of biologists, engineers, doctors, physicians and IT specialists united by the passion for research and the ambition of spreading high-level technologies for sports and health.

After a long series of research projects in the field of cell biology and sports medicine, T-NES has reached a position of leadership in the understanding of the mechanisms regulating the emissions of electric impulses among cells within the human body. 

Out from there, it comes a new generation of biotechnological devices.

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