Unlock your limits

We believe that everyone has a hidden innate potential, the ability to reach the highest levels. We believe this potential can be revealed by putting advanced technologies at the service of sport.



It’s an Italian excellence, standard-bearer in the world of the best resources applied to scientific research and technological development combined with the ability to design and manufacture unique products, typical of Made in Italy.

It’s a case of success, because it completed the difficult transition from the first start up to international expansion, conquering new markets and increasing its value, while always maintaining a precise orientation towards research.

It is a reliable partner who believes in solid relationships based on the sharing of values and the spirit of collaboration.

T • NES is a beautiful italian tale.

Our mission is to unlock the human limit of scientific knowledge and sports performance using physical signals and not chemicals, without overloading organs and improving health. We want to go further, with ethics, responsibility and safety

We, the founders of New Era Sport Technologies, share the belief that science must be applied to people’s well-being, and this in a cleaner and healthier world.

T • NES firmly believes in teamwork, where everyone’s skills are enhanced thanks to perseverance and resilience. Mutual integration, partnership, forward-looking vision and the will to continuously improve are the guiding principles of our company.

We project ourselves into the future, applying a biophysical approach to the world of research with the aim of safeguarding human health, improving people’s well-being and enhancing the pleasure of practicing sports.

Our team is made up of biologists, engineers, doctors, physicists and IT scientists who share a passion for study and the aspiration to disseminate advanced and top-level technologies at the service of physical fitness and sporting activity.

At the end of a long series of scientific research projects in the field of cell biology, we have assumed a leadership position in understanding the mechanisms for regulating the emission of electrical impulses between cells.

Hence, a new generation of biotechnological devices.

T • NES is aimed at those who take up challenges, innovators, those who love their bodies, athletes and agonists, those who work, those who burn energy, those who live intensely.