Optimized body oxygenation

T-NES POWER is an adhesive biotechnological device, made by italian researchers, designed using high-tech materials,  in order to transfer a biophysical signal (Extremely Low Frequency) to red blood cells to optimize their oxygenation.

How does it work?

T-NES POWER harnesses the natural electro-magnetic field in the user’s body to increase the attraction of oxygen to red blood cells.

With T-NES POWER all the oxygen in the body is conducted more effectively and efficiently, providing excellent results.

The device has a total body effect for 48 hours.

The device does not release drugs.


More stamina and less fatigue

Facilitate Recovery

Recovery in real time during training sessions and work outs

Prevent injuries

Less free radicals and DOMS keeping the tissues more oxygenated

Valorize your natural physical potential

 Make your sports life healthier

What can you do with

It helps your body tap into 100% of its potential, without any use of chemicals.

The results are more stamina under stress, better aerobic capacity with buffer effect on excess lactic acid, recovery in real time, better absorption of nutrients and disposal of metabolic waste. On triathletes  there was a significant decrease in heart rate (about 6.5%) under stress and a reduction of serum lactate (about 13%) in real time.

  • Immediate benefits start from the very first application. 
  • Easily provable using a heart rate monitor or lactate test.
  • The device is suitable for all sports, high intensity training or endurance training, during the workout or race.

T-NES POWER can be combined with chemical supplements by enhancing their effects (as a biophysical amplifier), because when the cell is able to better manage its oxygen, these chemicals will be more accessible to the body.

The device does not release drugs, as shown by the chemical-toxicological analysis of the University of Milan, Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences.

Giovanni De Carolis, 2 times WBA World Champion and Italian WBA champion, super middleweight.

What are the advantages over chemical supplements?

A new era in sport performance


  • Preintrapost workout all in one.
  • No organs such as heart, liver and kidneys are adversely affected because no chemical substances are introduced.
  • The dosage is adaptive, in every moment of the day, the body decides dosage and time of action that it needs, therefore you don’t need to calculate doses.
  • The device works immediately, you don’t need to wait some days or weeks of administration.

The device lasts up to 48 hours and is activated only in contact with skin.

How to use

Pratical and effective


To use, simply apply one device to healthy skin on the body at least 15 minutes before

For maximum effect, the device should be placed where perspiration (sweat) will
be minimal, such as a shoulder or gluteus.

Each single-use device lasts up to 48
hours and will work even if wet or exposed to sunlight.

For optimal results, the device should be
used 2-3 times per week.
Before starting any physical exercise, a careful warm-up of the muscles is recommended.

Unlock your limits with T-NES

Histological analysis (quadriceps femoral section)

standard muscle, 3 weeks after training, treated with placebo

muscle treated with T-NES POWER after 3 weeks of endurance training

muscle treated with T-NES POWER after 3 weeks of high intensity training

Backed by science

The experimental results that confirm the effectiveness of our products have been published thanks to the kind cooperation of the University of Rome Tor Vergata, Department of Biology.

Scientific article mice
Scientific article athletes

Unlock your limits



Test on triathlete, bike, 150watt for 5 min, next 200watt for 5 min, and final peack. Left picture with placebo, right picture with T-NES POWER

Frequenza cardiaca media = average heart rate
Frequenza cardiaca max = maximum heart rate

Does T-NES POWER suffer from external disturbances (smartphone, Wi-Fi, chemicals)?

No, it doesn’t, because our technology stabilizes the signal emitted by the device.

Is T-NES POWER powered by electricity?

No, energy comes directly from the interaction between material and electrical flow of the skin.

Who should not use T-NES POWER?

You should not use T-NES POWER:
• if you are pregnant or nursing.
• if you have a sensitivity to silver.
• if you are currently under a physician’s care for treatment of cancer, other disease or medical condition.






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Triathlete, Italian National team

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Each box contains 8 devices.

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