biotechnological devices for sport performance


biotechnological devices for sport perfomance

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The only company in the world which combines sport and biotechnology
to improve oxygen transport in a measurable way.

The only company in the world which combines sport and biotechnology to improve oxygen transport in a measurable way.

New Era Sport Technologies (T-NES) is a start-up created to transfer innovative technologies and high-tech products to the market for sports performance and health.

It is the first company in the world that applies biophysical innovation to improve oxygen transport in the pursuit of high performance and health.

The company’s goal is to unlock the human limit of scientific knowledge and sports performance using physics and not chemistry, without overloading the organs and at the same time improving health. At the end of a long series of scientific research projects in the field of cell biology, T-NES assumed

a leadership position in understanding the mechanisms for regulating the emission of cell’s electrical impulses.

Out from there, a new generation of biotechnological devices.

T-NES is aimed at those who take up challenges, sports people, innovators and those who live intensely.

The most advanced biotechnology
for sport performance

The most advanced biotechnology for sport performance

More stamina unders stress

T-NES biotech devices emit ultra-weak electromagnetic signals in order to increase systemic oxygen transport.

More aerobic capacity

T-NES  guarantee a measurable reduction of the heart rate and the serum lactate unders stress. More endurance.

Recovery in real time

More tissue oxygenation means more recovery during and between sessions. Reduction of stress and DOMS after Workout

Recovery in real time

More tissue’s oxygenation means more recovery in the session and between sessions. Reduction of stress and DOMS after work out.

Immediate effect,
lasts us for 48-50 hours

Apply the device under your left nipple. You will immediately measure the results.

Not a drug, Doping free

Toxycological Analysis Certificate by University of Milan, Dep Pharmaceutical Science.


Dive, swim, sweat, T-NES won’t leave you.

Immediate effect, lasts for 48-50 hours

Apply the device under the left nipple. You will immediately measure the results.

T-NES ricerca scientifica

Research & Development

Scientific research is one of the pillars of our company. Therefore, the applications of T-NES research will not stop only at the oxygen transport, but will continue towards as yet unexplored areas of sport.

In fact, the first goal of our R&D pole is to study ever more precise and effective ways to improve the state of health and performance, without introducing substances into the body or metabolic forcing. The results of the scientific studies are very interesting and  new studies are continuously launched.

The T-NES technology, then declined in various products, was the first huge success of our research. Studies on guinea pigs and, later, on double-blind athletes confirmed the effectiveness of the theorized system.

Science behind T-NES

T-NES designs, studies and markets biotechnologies capable of improving the electrical conduction of signals between nerves, muscles and the cardiovascular system.

The devices are activated with the nervous network present on the skin and transmit electromagnetic signals at very low frequency (ELF) and intensity to improve the transport of oxygen throughout the body

The devices are made using high-tech materials (i.e. micronized silver, high conductivity gel, etc.), treated with a patented technology. Furthermore, they are Doping Free.

T-NES Ossigenazione del sangue

Oxygen transport means

  • More resistance and more aerobic capacity
  • Faster recovery, both in the same session and between training sessions
  • Less Lactate and DOMS
  • More health of the athlete

Adhesive devices work on a systemic level, all over the body, with greater effectiveness in the areas closest to application. For this reason we recommend to apply under the left nipple (to emphasize the signal on the cardiovascular system) or on the buttock (to emphasize the effect on the lower limbs).

The Gel, on the other hand, has a topical effect, therefore localized to the area of application.

Alessandro Degasperi

2x Ironman Lanzarote Champion

Davide Cimolai

Israel Start-up Nation, World Tour Team

Francesca Saccu

KTM MTB Brenta Brakes athlete

Lan Service Zheroquadro

U23 Cycling Team

Luca Facchinetti

Triathlon National Youth Manager

Iseo Rime Carnovali

Sias Uci Continental Team

Marco Segatel

23 Gold medals in High Jump, M55

Nicolae Craciun

Canadian Canoe Italian National Team


T-NES POWER is an adhesive device designed to improve performance and recovery. It is measurable with instruments such as heart rate monitor and pulse oximeter.

It is applied on healthy skin, preferably on the buttock or under the left nipple, 15 minutes before training.

We recommend applying 2 devices per week. Each one lasts for 48-50 hours and when you remove it you have an additional 24 hours of coverage. So with one you can do two intense workouts followed by a lighter one.

T-NES PERFORMANCE GOLD is an adhesive device conceived and designed for athletic efforts of great intensity such as competitions

The operating mode is similar to that of the POWER, while the benefits will be multiplied by 3 TIMES.

We recommend using it in view of a competitive event to exponentially increase sports performance.

T-NES Performance Gold


Emphasis is a high conductivity gel, designed for topical use. Unlike POWER and PERFORMANCE GOLD, which act systemically (i.e. throughout the body), the gel has a localized effect. It is used to improve local oxygen transport and also increase communication between the brain and the muscle to be trained.

It is applied 15 minutes before training, putting an adequate dose of gel on the affected muscles and massaging until completely absorbed.

Emphasis Gel perfectly combines with adhesive devices (except POWER TRIATHLON) to further increase the benefits. Available only in combination with systemic action devices .

T-NES Emphasis Gel
T-NES Grafico Cyclinside

Do you think it's a placebo effect?

T-NES devices can be tested with any measurement device such as a pulse oximeter, a heart rate monitor, a lactate meter or a device that monitors metabolic activity.

By performing targeted tests (for example critical power) you will notice a reduction in beats and lactate, as well as greater blood saturation.

No harmful side effects. Who should not use? pregnant women, people who are allergic or hypersensitive to silver, people undergoing chemotherapy or radiotherapy (in this case, the approval of the treating oncologist is required).

The devices do not release chemicals or drugs into the body. Toxicological analysis of the University of Milan. Devices improve health. There are no physiological (eg hematocrit) or pathophysiological blood changes. Then no.

It optimizes the transport of oxygen by emitting electromagnetic signals to the red blood cells, and also supplies direct energy to the phosphate groups of the ADP to prevent deprotonation.

They contain high-tech materials (eg micronized silver with a plasma vaporization or high conductivity gel), in contact with the electrical network of the skin they activate and emit ultra-weak electromagnetic signals towards the red blood cells in order to improve oxygenation and gas exchange.

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