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T-NES has no side effects.

Ministerial contraindications: pregnant women, people allergic or hypersensitive to silver, people undergoing chemotherapy/radiotherapy treatment (in this case the approval of the treating oncologist).

The device does not release chemicals or drugs into the body. It has the anti-doping analysis of the University of Milan. The device improves the state of health. There are no physiological variations (e.g. hematocrit) beyond the permitted limits. So, No.

The device is activated with the nerve network present on the dermis and emits ultra-weak electromagnetic signals towards the red blood cells, thus optimizing their oxygen transport and gaseous exchange. It also provides direct energy to the phosphate groups of ADP to prevent deprotonation.

Contains an innovative material, micronized silver with plasma vaporization and nanocrystals, treated with patented technology; in contact with the electrical network of the dermis it bioactivates and emits ultra-weak electromagnetic signals towards the red blood cells in order to improve their oxygenation and saturation.

The effect of each single device lasts for 48 – 50 hours from when it is applied. Plus, when it's removed, you get an additional 24 hours of coverage.

The duration of the Gel is approximately 10 hours.

A pack of Power (8 devices) lasts about a month with regular use, one of Performance Gold (4 devices) if used continuously lasts 2 weeks of intense training, or 4 sports competitions. The gel, on the other hand, is much more variable as it depends on the frequency of use and the muscle groups chosen (the legs have a much larger surface to cover).

Of course, it's water resistant, so you can go to the pool, beach or shower with peace of mind. Furthermore, it has no interference with water or soaps. The only precaution is to apply it very well, on healthy, clean and dry skin. In the case of the gel, it must be absorbed well before entering the water.

Once removed, the device should be discarded.

Our devices are suitable for all types of sports that require muscular/cardio-circulatory effort. It is great for both mono-sports (cycling, running, swimming, canoeing, etc.) and multi-modal or athletics sports (triathlon, cross training, soccer, basketball, high jump, etc.). Our athletes have also achieved excellent results in sports such as racing with motorcycles or cars, as T-NES decreases the heart rate and increases concentration.

To measure the effectiveness of our devices, it is enough to perform simple tests with the detection instrumentation.

On a known route and with the same power, you will notice a decrease in HR (heart rate) and lactate, with a simultaneous increase in blood saturation.

We recommend this test:

After maximal effort, measure heart rate (HR) for 3 minutes every 30 seconds, 6 intervals in total. First day without device, next day with device. Just compare the results and you'll notice your HR will be lower and drop faster.

To measure the frequency, a simple heart rate monitor is enough (the chest strap is the most accurate), for saturation a pulse oximeter or oximeter, while for lactate a lactic acid meter (more difficult to find).

Of course, we have received many testimonials about it. With T-NES you recover faster!

Just apply the device directly on the area to be treated in order to emphasize the work on the deficient muscle group.

Yes, there are no contraindications for cardiovascular problems.

The device should be applied to healthy, clean and possibly cleansed skin. It is applied 15 minutes before the performance. It works throughout the body.

As areas of application we recommend:
- The buttock, to emphasize the work on the lower limbs.
- Under the left pectoral, to emphasize the work on the cardio-circulatory system.

The gel should be spread on the muscle to be emphasized until absorbed.

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Of course, the return is free within 30 days, but the return costs are the responsibility of the customer.