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T-NES Balance

What is T-NES Balance?

T-NES Balance is an electromagnetic device which aims to promote the selective relaxation of the muscular system. This process is essential for relieving musculoskeletal pain that can result from intense workouts.

T-NES Balance uses targeted electromagnetic fields to selectively stimulate muscles, contributing to muscle relaxation and recovery. And here the real innovation begins: T-NES Balance is designed to enhance motor coordination and reactivity to external stimuli, key abilities that influence athletic performance.

These improvements translate into a significant increase in your physical performance. T-NES Balance represents a breakthrough in the world of training, taking technology and physical performance to the next level. This collaboration between T-NES and Quantares is the result of years of research and development.

T-NES Balance Action Mode

When the T-NES bracelet is applied, the "Quantum Dots", excited by body heat and ambient light, emit photons of precise wavelengths. The specific electromagnetic emissions generated can induce postural rebalancing.

Duration of T-NES Balance

A unique aspect of T-NES Balance is its exceptional durability. Each bracelet will last for 4 months, guaranteeing constant performance over time.

Furthermore, T-NES Balance integrates perfectly with our Patches and Gels, offering a complete system to optimize your training and physical performance.