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T-NES Balance leaflet


Do not use for applications other than those indicated in the information leaflet.

Intended use

The TNES bracelet is an electromagnetic support, which, by facilitating the selective relaxation of the muscular system, carries out an adjuvant action in the alleviation of skeletal muscle pain.

All this tends to favor motor coordination and reactivity to external stimuli, abilities which are summarized in the concept of proprioception.

The improvement of proprioception can therefore translate into an improvement in physical performance.


The system can assist in the improvement of the postural structure and can facilitate the execution of head movements on the trunk, the leveling of the iliac crests, the rebalancing of the dysmetries of the lower limbs and the increase in the flexibility of the trunk on the pelvis.

All of this can be configured as a recovery of the neurophysiological parameters of proprioception and therefore of individual posture (*).

*Tests and studies carried out at: University of Sassari, University of Tor Vergata, La Sapienza University, Auxological Institute of Piancavallo (VB).


The technology, underlying the operation of the TNES device, exploits latest generation nanotechnological elements, the most important of which are nanocrystals called "Quantum Dots" which interact with each other using functionalized graphene (*).

*Tests and studies carried out at: University of Sassari, University of Tor Vergata, La Sapienza University, Auxological Institute of Piancavallo (VB).


Case containing the device accompanied by the information leaflet and spare double-sided adhesive tapes.

Mode of action

When the TNES bracelet is applied, the "Quantum Dots", excited by body heat and ambient light, emit photons of precise wavelengths. The specific electromagnetic emissions generated can induce postural rebalancing.


Disposal methods

It is recommended to dispose of electronic material at the appropriate collection centers.

Method of conservation

Store in a cool, dry place away from sources of excessive heat.

Instructions for use

Remove the protection from the adhesive part at the end of the bracelet.

Apply the bracelet around your wrist with the TNES writing facing outwards.

Overlap the adhesive side facing inwards to fit your wrist, ensuring that the device is snug but comfortable and does not compromise circulation. The effect is constant so it must be used continuously.

It can be applied either to the right or left wrist. Removing the device compromises the hold of the adhesive.

If necessary, the adhesive can be replaced without compromising the functionality of the device.

Warnings and Contraindications

  • Do not use on damaged or compromised tissue.
  • Do not use if the package is open or if the product is damaged.
  • Do not swallow.
  • Use by children is not limited, however use under the supervision of adults is recommended.
  • Keep out of the reach and sight of children not intended for use with the product.
  • Do not sterilize.
  • There are no known interactions with drugs and medicinal substances.
  • Although the device, as far as is known, does not generate electromagnetic interference with other products and/or medical devices of any nature, it is recommended not to wear the device in case of diagnostic tests.
  • The device should not be used by people allergic to PVC.
  • In the case of allergic reactions to PVC or dermatitis resulting from specific sensitivities to materials or poor maintenance, remove the device immediately and consult your doctor.
  • The use of the device is not recommended for pregnant and breastfeeding women unless prescribed by a doctor.
  • Store away from heat sources.
  • When worn, exposure to sunlight and ambient light favors the functioning of the device.
  • In case of deterioration of the packaging, dispose of it correctly.
  • Lasts up to 4 months, from the moment of application, depending on the mode of use.
  • The device can be used in fresh or salt water and in all daily activities.
  • Some creams, perfumes, solvents and sweat with aggressive PH can damage the device.


Clean with water and non-aggressive products, even the part facing the skin to avoid the potential accumulation of irritating substances.

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